Archives Lacau

Within the large digital archive of the ARCE (American Research Center in Egypt) Sphinx Project 1979-1983 there are several hundred entries - mainly photographs - from the (in)famously inaccessible Archives Lacau held by the Centre Wladimir Golenischeff, Paris .

This archive is one of the few records of the excavations in the area of the Great Sphinx between 1925 and 1936 by Émile Baraize. The photographs include rare images of the Roman staircase that was later removed by Baraize revealing an older "Sphinx temple" below. There are also some of the last images of the Great Sphinx prior to Baraize's restorations that included adding lower extensions to the nemes headdress, sealing the natural fissure at the rear of the Sphinx, and the cavity on the top of the Sphinx's head.

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Title Image: Archives Lacau, Centre Golenischeff, EPHE, PSL. "Black and White Photo 02564 from Egypt/Giza/Unspecified Sphinx Area 8". (2017) In ARCE Sphinx Project 1979-1983 Archive. Mark Lehner, Megan Flowers, Rebekah Miracle (Eds.) . Released: 2017-12-23. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive): Licensed under CC by 4.0