Ancient Egypt Research Associates (A.E.R.A) is an organisation that has enjoyed unrivalled access to the archaeology of the Giza Plateau for the past 30 years. Focusing mainly on the less well explored southern area of the Giza plateau they have been responsible for excavating the site of Heit-el-Ghurab ("The Lost City of the Pyramids") south of the Wall of the Crow, the Khentkawes town, and, more recently, excavations at Menkaure's pyramid complex and the so-called "Kromer Dump".

Of particualr interest is their "Sphinx Project" page which has a few short articles written at the height of the rainfall weathering controversy which I discuss on another page.

A.E.R.A have conducted excavations at a standard never before seen on the Giza plateau and they are committed to sharing their findings online. As such their website is an incredibly rich resource for anyone with an interest in the Sphinx and the Archaeology of the Giza Plateau in general. Highlights of the webpage include free to download copies of their Annual Reports, Aeragram Newsletters and a series of detailed preliminary reports published as Giza Occasional Papers.

Title Image by Maison Fils from the American Library of Congress